Engraved plaque included with every tree.

Native Gum or Eucalyptus


Oak or Elm Tree


Irish Oak Tree


Educate your kids about tree planting and Co2 – return over the years to watch your tree grow

Your own memorial tree and plaque you can visit for family and loved ones

All trees have an engraved thankyou plaque and you can visit your tree

Walkers or people in cars who want more tree filled spaces in our inner-cities

Offsetting your family’s carbon footprint for decades to come

If you don’t own the land to plant trees yourself, we will do it for you

Adopt just one tree for yourself or as a gift and you could offset 2.4 metric tons of CO2 over the lifecycle of the tree.

2.4 metric tons of CO2 is equivalent to:


Driving 9,600 kilometres in a car (radius of the Earth)


Flying 11,500 kilometres in an aeroplane


Travelling 68,000 kilometres on a train

2,300 Cups

Drinking 2,315 takeaway café lattes

We hope that you will join us on our mission to plant new trees by personally adopting a tree or purchasing an adoption
as a gift.

Team at Adopt A Tree, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

What does ‘adopting a tree’ mean?

Adopting a tree with us means that we plant a new tree on your behalf and in your name.  You will be helping to restore bushland that has been cleared and to create green tree-filled spaces in urban areas.  You will also reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing the CO2 levels in our atmosphere.

Your tree will be planted at a predetermined location that you can see on our planting zone map.  The trees are young Eucalyptus seedlings with a life expectancy of 60 years or more.  We tag each tree that is planted with the name of the adopter or gift recipient (unless declined by adopter) and provide each adopter with a planting certification and exact GPS coordinates for their tree.

What is Adopt a Tree
and how we began

Adopt a Tree was founded by a group of employees who were working at a busy golf course in Melbourne. Part of our job was planting trees, and we were passionate about it. We felt lucky to see the trees that we had planted with our own hands mature and grow.

Growing Eucalypts
From Seed

Seed propagation is the most common way to raise hardy Eucalypts and is the preferred method for raising seedlings for carbon capture operations. When a Eucalyptus tree flowers, seed capsules will develop in place of the flowers.

Eucalyptus Tree
Planting Guide

Here is our Eucalyptus Tree Planting Guide based on our own experience and best-practice from organisations like koalahospital.org.au. The first two years of a seedling’s life largely determine the tree’s growth rate and final height and shape.

How does adopting a tree help the environment?

Planting new trees contributes to capturing and storing CO2 which helps reverse climate change, and provides new wooded green spaces in our inner-city areas

What happens after I adopt a tree?

There is something fantastic about transforming a bare patch of ground back into a healthy, thriving ecosystem with its own micro-climate, whether it is a small grove of a few dozen native trees, or many hectares of re-planted urban bushland. Tree adopters can offset up to 2.4 metric tons of their own carbon footprint by adopting a tree.  People who may not have the land or the knowledge to plant their own trees can actively contribute to planting new trees.  Adopters receive a thankyou certification or gift certificate in the case of the adoption being a gift, which has the exact GPS coordinates of their adopted tree.  Each adopted tree also has an adopter thankyou tag acknowledging the person who adopted the tree or who received the gift of the tree adoption (unless declined by adopter), and every adopter receives a photograph of their tree after it has been planted. 
Additionally, all planting zones are on publicly accessible land, which means that adopters and gift recipients can visit their adopted tree anytime over the tree’s lifecycle.

Can I visit my adopted tree?

Unique GPS Coordinates

  • Yes, you can visit your adopted tree at any time because our planting zones are in publicly accessible areas.  You will be provided with the unique GPS coordinates for your tree, and each tree has a unique adopter or gift recipient thankyou tag attached to its stake or tree-guard (unless tag is declined by adopter).

Read what our customers have to say!

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First attracted to this to offset carbon footprint. Like the fact it provides green spaces also.
Amy L
Amy L
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I accidently put my own name in the tree adopter name field. Adopt a Tree staff member kindly assisted me to change to my daughter’s name as requested. All happy now. Thanks.
Read More
The feature of a GPS location of the tree is a remarkable idea.
Read More
We purchased a tree adoption for our six-year-old. It has proved to be very educational and we have since discussed the role of tree planting in the context of caring for the environment. We wish you well in this endeavor.
Read More
Great idea – I am now a tree owner! Hope I can visit the tree and see a koala in it one day.
Read More
Great way to teach kids about tree planting, especially as they can visit the actual tree they adopt. We got a eucalyptus and a lilly pilly.
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Nice gift voucher with GPS coordinates of the tree on it. Good present, no hassle, good cause.
Jane C
Jane C
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Love the fact I can visit my own tree. Brilliant. Our family has now got 3 trees from adoption. Why aren’t governments doing this? People want to plant trees but don’t have the space.
Read More
Looking forward to visiting the tree over the years. Can I suggest you offer more varied species of native trees? We only had two to choose from.

Who can adopt a tree?

A great Christmas or Birthday gift.

  • Although many individuals and businesses may want to plant trees to help create greener spaces and reverse climate change, they simply do not have the space or resources available to plant a tree themselves.  We provide the tree adoption service for these people, as well as for individuals who want to give a tree adoption to a loved one as a Christmas or Birthday gift.

What are the environmental benefits of Adopting a Tree?

Humans emit more than 35 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels each year

Trees capture this CO2. Adopting just one tree, you can offset up to 2.4 metric tons of CO2.

Individuals around the world now recognise that climate change is real and that deforestation is real

Governments are not moving fast enough to replant deforested areas

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