Albert Park – Planting Zone screening public walking track from main road approx. 6,000m²

Species: Lemon Scented Gum “Corymbia Citriodora”

The Queens Road walking track has many trees introduced from Europe, including species such as elm. Prior to the land clearing and development of this area, there were many native tree species sharing the bushland and salty marshes.   By reintroducing native trees, the area will more closely resemble its original condition with a mixture of large white trunked gum trees with high green canopies, along with varied ground cover.  The Lemon Scented Gum is a smooth white and straight trunked eucalyptus with beautiful scented foliage. A truly classic Aussie tree, the Lemon Scented Gum is fast growing and creates beautiful scented groves and bushland, and stores plenty of CO2.  This tree grows up to 25 metres tall, and is good for wind breaks and shade. These big trees have strong root systems, so they should be planted slightly away from buildings and fences.

Remaining allocation available for adoption Zone AP102 is 206


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