Here is our Eucalyptus Tree Planting Guide based on our own experience
and best-practice from organisations like

How does Adopt a Tree plant the trees that are adopted?

The first two years of a seedling’s life largely determine the tree’s growth rate and final height and shape. A seedling protected from grass and weed competition, with soil broken up and composted, well-watered and tree guarded will thrive as well as it is able in the soil in which it is planted, and reach maturity in up to half the time of a wild sown tree.

How we plant adopted trees:

  1. Remove all grass and weed competition at the planting position in a 1m diameter circle
  2. Dig the soil in a wide shallow planting hole for each tree or for larger plantings we dig line trenches to plant the trees in rows 8 metres apart.
  3. Dig-in organic native leaf-based compost
  4. Plant the seedling level with the surrounding ground
  5. Press down the soil and give each tree at least 2 litres of water
  6. Mulch around the base to 100mm or more in depth and about 250mm radius from the seedling
  7. Stake the tree with at least 2 stakes connected with biodegradable tethers
  8. Apply tree guard if being used
  9. Water the new trees 3 times each week – up to a litre of water – for about 1 month. Then weekly, then fortnightly for another 3 to 6 months. Then whenever they need it; especially in summer when water may be needed every few days
  10. Remove competing weeds / grass etc over the next 6 months
  11. Use tree leaf litter-based compost to change the soil life from bacteria based to more fungal based. This is significant to the trees and promotes tree health and long-term viability.


You can follow the above steps to plant your own Native Eucalyptus Seedling.  Once you have grown or purchased a young seedling, you will need the following items to plant the tree in its permanent position in the soil:

  • A 30cm seedling with the root ball well intact (take care not to disturb the roots if removing the tree from a pot. If the roots are tangled in the pot, cut the pot away with secateurs and gently straighten the roots before planting.)
  • Gloves and particle mask (advisable when working with potting or planting mix)
  • Secateurs to prune any damaged branches or leaves (can use sharp scissors)
  • Water supply to moisten the planting hole and water-in the new tree (watering can is fine for just one or two trees)
  • Shovel or pick to dig a wide, shallow hole (remember you may need to dial before you dig)
  • Native organic planting mix or leaf-based compost to combine with the local soil
  • Two large recycled wooden stakes at least 6 foot long – do not be tempted to use small garden stakes as this will most likely mean you will have to re-stake the tree later anyway
  • Biodegradable tree ties or fabric to secure the tree to the stakes so it grows up straight
  • Tree-cage to protect the young tree from animals (optional)
  • Sledge hammer or picket driver to install the stakes
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Woodchips to place around the base of the new tree


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